Why I Picked the University of Georgia Griffin Campus

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Marshall Prude: I felt after visiting a few campuses, some larger campuses around the Atlanta area, I felt that this campus gave me the most opportunities to do the things that I want to do in my collegiate career.

Jessica Kalina: I chose the Griffin Campus; I am from Griffin so it was something I want to support it. I had been hearing great things about it and I gave it a try. When I came in here, it was nice to see all the friendly faces. And the biggest thing, once I got here, was all the one-on-one interaction I was able to receive. So that was something; the smaller class size and everything, that really has benefited me.

Bethany Harris: I really like the Griffin Campus because I had the opportunity to work with researchers and scientists here before. And also, it is a very small lab environment and I like that. You get your hands-on advice and I really enjoyed that.

Sam Law: Well, it’s close to home. That’s basically the number one choice or the reason. The Griffin Campus – I didn’t have the opportunity to go to Athens – the Griffin Campus also… Before I come here, they said it was small classes which I really like that. I don’t want to be in a classroom that has got 200 students with one professor. That’s another perk of being at the Griffin Campus. I like that.

Josh Caldwell: I picked the Griffin Campus because it’s really close to home; it provides me with a good way to come to school – just commute and save money because everybody knows that money is a little tight right now. Once I’d gotten here, I found that I really like the personality of the campus. You get to know everyone; it’s really intimate. It’s almost like a little family here. That’s so cheesy but so true. You know all your professors; you can pop in anytime. They’re not overburdened with hundreds and hundreds of grades to assign. It’s really flexible. I’ve enjoyed that the most about it so far.

Kayla Mehan: I live only about 45 minutes away and it was a lot closer than Athens. I just wasn’t really ready to make the big move to Athens, so this was a great location to pick. I like it a lot better than the other schools I’ve been to. 

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Descriptive Text

The scene opens to Marshall Prude, a Biological Science major, sitting at a table.

The scene changes to Jessica Kalina, a Biological Science major, sitting in a chair.

The scene changes to Bethany Harris, an Environmental Resource Science major, sitting on a sofa in a lobby.

The scene moves to Sam Law, an Environmental Resource Science major, sitting in front of a computer in the Griffin Campus library.

The scene moves to Josh Caldwell, an Environmental Resource Science major, sitting in a chair in front of a bookcase.

The scene changes to Kayla Mehan, a Biological Science major, sitting on a staircase. 

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