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I was recently asked how I became good at math and I got to thinking, “What’s changed between my first year teaching and the teacher that I am today?” And I can say that in all my 13 years of teaching, there was one year that really, truly impacted the way that I grow and learn as a math educator. And that was during my time that I spent at the University of Georgia at their Griffin Campus. The mathematics program was awesome. What made it great was that there were teachers from all walks of education. There were expert teachers, there were beginning teachers, but what made it even better was that we got to collaborate and learn and grow together. And when we left, when we all graduated we all left with a common understanding of what good, solid math instruction should look like. I can only encourage you if you have the opportunity, and you’re looking to go ahead and pursue a mathematics degree, whether it be your Masters or your Specialists, you might want to look into the University of Georgia. The Griffin program, the mathematics program is unbelievable. It’s hands-down one of the best programs that I researched and I can also say that through experience after I graduated. Let me know if you join. I’d love to know how it helps. Thanks.

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Programs for K-8 Educators

  • Masters in Mathematics Education (M.Ed.)
  • Specialist in Mathematics Education (Ed.S)
  • K-5 Math Endorsement

For more information contact Dr. Robyn Ovrick ( or 770-241-1302) or visit

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