FoodPIC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Agriculture is already Georgia's number one industry and as Dr. Kealey puts it, Georgia is like California but with water. [Laughter] Add in the science and the state-of-the-art innovation offered right here in Griffin with FoodPIC, and we have the opportunity to revolutionize our nation's entire food industry, making Georgia its center. With UGA's FoodPIC, this is not only possible, but probable. All we need is a little marketing to get word to our current and future hard-working Georgia producers so they can let food science work its magic for them. And lastly, every day I pass through Zebulon on my way to Griffin and I see buildings painted that honor our area's past pimento production legacy. A history that would have never happened if not for UGA's Experiment Station's work. They genetically altered a pimento middle Georgia in the early twentieth century. What is amazing accomplishment. And they have transformed this area and it's a source of local pride and more. But with all due respect to our predecessors, I believe that accomplishment could be a drop in the bucket compared to what, compared to the potential FoodPIC could offer. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of FoodPIC. Again, what an honor. And Go Dawgs! [Applause]

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The video opens on Nikki Dodson speaking in an event tent outside the FoodPIC building at University of Georgia Griffin Campus. Overlay text says "Pike County Senior Nikki Dodson, FoodPIC Ribbon-Cutting - Jan. 30, 2017".

Overlay text fades out and is replaced with "Last fall, Nikki worked alongside FoodPIC director Kirk Kealey".

Overlay text fades out.

Video cuts to a photo of the front of the FoodPIC building.

Video cuts back to Nikki speaking.

Video cuts to a photo of trucks hauling large bins of pimento peppers.

Video cuts to a black and white photo of a large harvesting machine with a man walking by in the background.

Video cuts to a black and white closeup photo of the harvester with pimento peppers inside.

Video cuts back to Nikki speaking.

Video cuts to a photo of Kirk Kealey sitting at his desk with various commercial food products sitting in front of him.

A text overlay appears that says, "FoodPIC Program, Kirk Kealey, (770) 229-3385,".

Video fades to the logo for University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences.

Video ends.

(c) 2017 University of Georgia Griffin Campus