Advice for New College Students at UGA Griffin Campus

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Sam Law: Particularly before coming to the Griffin Campus, I’d suggest going to a smaller school to get your core out of the way. And then, specifically, also I’d say take a lot of hard science courses at the smaller school. I went to Gordon and took a lot of science there which has helped me out when I got to the Griffin Campus.

Kayla Mehan: Probably time management. That’s definitely been the hardest for me. I’ve always worked while going to school also. It’s hard to kind of manage your time – you want to go out with friends, you want to do other things. It’s definitely something you need to work on early before you start making the bad grades and everything. Keep the GPA up. So definitely worry about time management early on.

Marshall Prude: Incoming freshmen, I would definitely say prepare in terms of not just passing the classes just to pass them but actually try to absorb the concepts and theories that they're trying to teach you at the lower level. What you invest in your college career is what you are going to get out of it eventually. When you come on campus, try not to overload yourself with a lot of extracurricular activities. Try to get settled that first semester or two; to get settled in to what would be required of you as a college student. Then – your sophomore and junior years – you can branch out, try to join some organizations and stuff like that that you want to achieve while you’re in college. Then your senior year, you definitely want to take advantage of the internships. So if you plan your college career, pretty much in that fashion, starting out as a freshman, of course, you will have a successful college career.

Bethany Harris: I went to Gordon College which was a good starter school. It helped me prepare for UGA.And that really helped. Also, I would just say study hard and do your best.

Jessica Kalina: The biggest advice I could give to incoming freshmen is to get involved. You’re going to be away or studying for the first time more so independently than ever. You need to make those groups to help motivate you to make friends, to realize what you really want to do. This is the first major step in your life to where you are going for the rest of your life. So get all the help you can.

Josh Caldwell: My advice to freshmen college students is that to not get lost in the social aspect of college.Whenever I first entered college, I was a bit of a slack student because there is so much more freedom. It’s come as you want, etcetera, etcetera. There is no one holding your hand throughout the experience. I would suggest that maybe kids start with a community college and get through the initial college experience before actually going off and learning how to live by themselves and getting used to the freedom of college.

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The scene opens to Sam Law, an Environmental Resource Science major, sitting in front of a computer in the Griffin Campus library. 

The scene changes to Kayla Mehan, a Biological Science major, sitting on a staircase. 

The scene moves to Marshall Prude, a Biological Science major, sitting at a table.

The scene changes to Bethany Harris, an Environmental Resource Science major, sitting on a sofa in a lobby.

The scene changes to Jessica Kalina, a Biological Science major, sitting in a chair.

The scene moves to Josh Caldwell, an Environmental Resource Science major, sitting in a chair in front of a bookcase.

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