Wendy Griffin

Wendy Griffin 1.jpg

Wendy earned her BSES in Environmental Resource Science in 2017 and her MS in Crop and Soil Sciences in 2020. While working toward her undergraduate degree, Wendy began working in the soil microbiology lab of Dr. Mussie Habteselassie and continued working under him when she was in graduate school pursuing her master’s degree. Her research focused on evaluating the impacts of turf care products on soil biological health. Wendy had many opportunities while at UGA, such as serving for two years as a mentor for the high school students in the Young Scholars program and working as a teaching assistant in Soil Microbiology for three years. Wendy believes that her time at UGA not only prepared her for her current position, but also prepared her to take risks and be persistent in her passion for research. In her current position as a biological scientist for the University of Florida’s Soil and Water Sciences Department, Wendy is working with an amazing team and finds every day to be learning experience. 

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSES), Environmental Resource Science; Master of Science (MS), Crop and Soil Science