Septima Riley

Septima Riley Headshot 1.jpg

Septima Riley, Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), currently serves as Clinical Evaluator for Dekalb County Misdemeanor Mental Health Court. Ms. Riley is a “Double Dawg,” having received both a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Psychology Concentration and a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia. Septima believes the opportunities she had as an undergraduate on the Griffin Campus--participating in the Griffin Campus’ Psych Day and Criminal Justice Day conferences, engaging in service learning projects, conducting research, and learning in intimate classroom settings—played a large part in her success in grad school and beyond. While earning her MSW, Septima was named the 2019 MSW Student of the Year, co-chaired the Athens Social Justice Symposium, served as VP of Students of Global Social Work, and served as the research manager for Doing T.I.M.E. in Athens, a photovoice experience that explores with adolescents how to enact social change through the use of photography. Septima has taught Sociology at Gordon State College and served populations presenting a range of neurological and psychological disorders as well as emotional, behavioral, substance abuse, and developmental challenges. She continues to study how complex trauma impacts every aspect of our lives, primarily the physiological wellbeing of Black people whose lived experience involves systemic racism, poverty, and/or abuse.


Bachelor of Arts (AB), Interdisciplinary Studies; Master of Social Work (MSW), Social Work