Campus Security

UGA Griffin Campus has 24/7 security officers on campus that are here for you. You can reach them by calling

(770) 412-3008

In the case of an emergency, call 911 first!

Our Senior Security Officer is Cameron Harding. His office is located in the Support Services Building in room 102 but he can also be found patrolling campus in his golfcart or stationed at the SLC front desk.

You can call campus security for many reasons including:

  • Suspicious Person
  • Locked/Unlocked Doors
  • Opening of Gates
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Escort to Vehicles


UGA Alert

UGA Alert is the Emergency Notification System for UGA. The UGA Griffin Campus participates in this service and we encourage all Faculty, Staff, and Students to sign up for emergency alerts. You can do so by going to and signing in with your UGA MyID. You can also choose to only receive notifications from the Griffin Campus.

UGA Alert Logo