Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

All prospective students interested in enrolling at UGA Griffin should apply online through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website. Please see Transfer Eligibility Requirements for a list of the requirements that must be met in order to be considered for admission to the undergraduate programs at UGA’s Griffin campus.  Note that the undergraduate application fee is $70.

International applicants should complete all items on the International Transfer Application.

Former UGA undergraduate students should complete the application for former (returning) UGA studentsImportant: Once you have completed the application for former (returning) students, please contact UGA Griffin Campus Admissions using our contact form or by phone at (770) 412-4400.

Additional information that can assist with transfer questions and with creating a pathway to a degree at UGA Griffin can be found on our Transfer Tools webpage.

Undergraduate Application Deadlines
Fall – July 20
Spring – November 20
Summer – May 20


Undergraduate Programs offered at UGA Griffin

Agribusiness (B.S.A.)

Degree prepares students for careers in marketing, management, and finance by combining in-depth business concepts with real-world application to the food and fiber industry. Agribusinesses process and market food and fiber products, as well as supply inputs to and manage agricultural production. Prepares graduates for professional degrees, such as law and other graduate level programs. 

For more information, contact Pamela Henry at pamela.henry@uga.edu.

Biological Science (B.S.A.)

Degree provides a flexible program of study integrating both biological and agricultural sciences. Prepares graduates for professional programs in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and dentistry, as well as advanced degrees in biological sciences. Graduates pursue careers in industry, business, and government dealing with food, fiber, health care, and environmental stewardship. 

For more information, contact Pamela Henry at pamela.henry@uga.edu.

Environmental Resource Science (B.S.E.S.)

Program combines a strong foundation in basic sciences with applied sciences, focusing on the impact of the collaboration of sciences on the environment and urban areas. Prepares graduates for environmental careers in research laboratories, consulting firms, and horticulture production, as well as government and management positions and advanced degrees in agricultural and environmental fields. 

For more information, contact Pamela Henry at pamela.henry@uga.edu.

General Business (B.B.A.)

Program provides students with valuable skills that are the foundation for a successful career as an entrepreneur or as part of a corporation, small business, or family business. Students gain a broad spectrum of business knowledge in the areas of finance, statistics, marketing, and management.  To receive a preliminary review of your credit, please complete a Griffin BBA Readiness Check

For more information, contact Rachael Pierce at terrygriffinbba@uga.edu 

Interdisciplinary Studies (A.B.) with Psychology Concentration

Program provides a solid foundation for careers in industrial, governmental, and other organizational settings: management, health and human services, public relations, human resources, law enforcement/corrections, training, community/social services, marketing, and communications. Prepares students for graduate programs in counseling, psychology, social work, and human resources. 

For more information, contact Faye Chatman at fchatman@uga.edu.

Interdisciplinary Studies (A.B.) with Sociology Concentration

Program includes a number of criminology courses and opens up a wide range of career options in government, business, and non-profits: human resources, law enforcement/corrections, data analysis, public relations, and training. Prepares students for post-graduate study in business, law, public administration, social work, criminal justice, and the social sciences. 

For more information, contact Faye Chatman at fchatman@uga.edu.

Microbiology (B.S.)

Degree is suitable for pre-med, pre-dental, pre-vet and pre-pharmacy students. Solid foundation for advanced degrees in public health and biological sciences, as well as careers in environmental and industrial microbiology, public health, research, pharmaceutical and medical sales, and quality assurance in government agencies and many industries: agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and biotech. 

For more information, contact Faye Chatman at fchatman@uga.edu.