From Homemade to Homerun - FoodPIC Extension

Campus Events
Saturday, September 30, 2023

UGA Extension is offering a new class on starting a 'canned' food business on September 30 in Griffin, GA on the UGA Griffin campus. We are calling it Homemade to Homerun. Whether its a juice, sauce, salad dressing, chutney, sea moss, canned bean or some other product you grew up with (and can't find), you may learn something about how to get things started. We'll have entrepeneurs talk about their start-up challenges, regulators covering off on state and federal regulations, extension experts clarifying UGA services, and an advanced look at our equipment and capability plans. UGA is making a significant investment in making canned foods easier in the state. Please think about spending September 30 in Griffin, GA! Thanks to our two sponsors Stag Vets and Tetra Pak.