Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Programs

A University of Georgia degree is closer than you think.

While graduate applications are made to the UGA Graduate School and then to the specific program, our admissions office can provide information on each program and assist you with applying to your program of choice. We're here to help. Contact the UGA-Griffin admissions counselor by using the academic inquiries contact form or by calling 770-412-4400.

Graduate Programs offered at UGA-Griffin

Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management (MPPPM)

Effective Fall 2017, an interdisciplinary degree program designed to produce graduates with comprehensive, multidisciplinary training in entomology, plant pathology and weed science for employment by industry, Extension and regulatory agencies.  Graduates are proficient in solving pest management problems encountered by growers and other agricultural professionals with special emphasis on integrated pest management principles. For more information, contact Kathleen Freeman at

Masters of Education in Special Education (General Curriculum)

The MEd in Special Education is for students who have completed undergraduate training in a teacher education field and have a teaching certificate. Available only at the UGA Griffin Campus, students have the unique opportunity to complete an advanced program of study in special education with focused training in dyslexia and/or PreK-8 math education as part of their graduate degree program.  Students may seek a graduate certificate in dyslexia or a K-5 math endorsement with no extra coursework required. The program combines online and face-to-face instruction with directed study and field experiences. An emphasis in general curriculum is for educators interested in teaching students with high-incidence disabilities that impact their social-emotional development or their achievement in reading, written expression, and math. Graduates of the program leave with the expertise to lead special education initiatives in school systems throughout the nation.


For more information, contact Dr. Tina Anderson


MAT in Special Education (General Curriculum)

The MAT in Special Education leads to initial certification for students who hold undergraduate degrees in other fields and who do not hold a teaching certification. Students must develop both initial and advanced skills prior to certification. The program of study includes co-requisites coursework and practicum experiences.

An emphasis in general curriculum is for those interested in teaching students with mild disabilities who are primarily following the general curriculum. Training in this emphasis area prepares teachers to work in collaboration, inclusion, or resource models. The special education students who are most frequently served in these settings include those with behavior disorders, learning disabilities, mild intellectual disabilities, other health impaired, and some students with autism or Asperger's.


For more information, contact Dr. Tina Anderson


Mathematics Education (PreK-8) (Ed.S.)

This program is designed for experienced math teachers who hold a master’s degree and T-5 certification in elementary or middle school. Students will deepen their subject knowledge while learning new teaching methods and completing an applied project. K-5 teachers will have the option of earning the K-5 mathematics endorsement. To view a video from Graham Fletcher, previous student and MTBoS Superstar, discussing his experience in the program click here.

For more information, visit the Mathematics Education (Ed.S.) page or contact:

Dr. Robyn Ovrick
(770) 241-1302

Mathematics Education (PreK-8) (M.Ed.)

Advance your skills in teaching with the MEd in Mathematics Education for prekindergarten through eighth grade. Our in-person/online hybrid program includes content, pedagogy, and research courses along with a mathematics leadership internship. The format combines both in-person and online instruction. Students have an option to earn the coaching endorsement and the K-5 mathematics endorsement. Graduates have gone on to become leaders in their schools, systems, and the state. To view a video from Graham Fletcher, previous student and MTBoS Superstar, discussing his experience in the program click here.

For more information, visit the Mathematics Education (M.Ed.) page or contact:

Dr. Robyn Ovrick
(770) 241-1302

Mathematics Education: K-5 Mathematics Endorsement

The K-5 endorsement, which can be part of either degree or a standalone, includes four courses designed to increase elementary teachers’ ability to teach mathematics to all students. Our coursework prepares you to more effectively help your students meet changing and challenging new math standards and expectations. To earn your endorsement, you will take four courses covering topics including: the main content areas of K-5 math (numbers and operations, geometry and measurement, algebra, and statistics); learning theory; methods of instruction; and the effective use of technology and manipulatives.

For more information, visit the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement page or contact:

Dr. Robyn Ovrick
(770) 241-1302

Student Affairs Leadership (Ed.D.)

Part-time, practitioner-based, three-year program (with an optional fourth year, if needed, for dissertation completion) for full-time student affairs administrators provides coursework delivered in a blended format, including distance education with several face-to-face sessions per semester. Graduates go on to student affairs-related leadership roles (i.e., director, dean of students, vice president of student affairs, university teaching, etc.). For more information, contact Dr. Marian Higgins at or 706-542-9533.

Workforce Education (Ed.D.)

Advanced graduate degrees prepare students to assume roles within career and technical education that blend relevant research with practice to improve teaching and learning. Successful candidates serve in leadership or administrative positions at secondary and post-secondary levels. Degrees prepare for university teaching, research, and other roles related to career and technical education. For more information, contact Dr. Elaine Adams at