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Continuing Student Questions

New Student Answers

I have received my acceptance packet from UGA. Do all of the items on the “Next Steps” flyer included in the packet pertain to me since I will be a student at UGA-Griffin?
All transfer students regardless of which campus he or she will attend must complete steps #1 (Create your UGA MyID password and profile) and #4 Create your UGAMail account for future correspondence). An applicant admitted to a major at the Griffin campus is not required to submit the $100.00 Commitment Deposit/Orientation Fee. Nor does a Griffin student need to attend a Transfer Orientation session at the Athens campus. UGA Griffin hosts is own New Student Orientation prior to the first day of class. Once you are admitted to UGA and are identified as a Griffin student, you will receive an invitation to NSO at UGA Griffin.

Other steps that must be completed by a new transfer student to UGA regardless of campus include:
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Do I need to pay for parking at UGA-Griffin?
No. Students are expected to park in the large parking lot off of the Experiment Street entrance.

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Where do I get my UGA student card?
Students may purchase a UGA student ID through the UGA Marketplace for $20, then contact The Office of Student Affairs to schedule a time to have their picture taken and signature captured.

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Continuing Student Answers

What hours are the computer lab available to students?
The computer lab will be open for students 24/7. The only times that it will not be available is when a class is scheduled for that room. If the door is locked and it is after hours, students can call security to unlock the door.

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How do I get UGA football tickets?
Be sure to pay your Fall Athletic fee, and you will receive an email from www.georgiadogs.com with instructions on how to begin the process to receive student tickets.

Visit Student Ticket Page for more information.

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